COVID-19 resources for vacation rental owners & property managers.

Learn how to adapt your vacation rental business to minimize the impact of the Coronavirus crisis with educational and in-depth resources.

COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols and Badges for Vacation Rentals
One thing is clear about the post-coronavirus era: vacation rentals will have to implement cleaning protocols, certifications or badges. Find out more!
[To Guests, With Love] Spreading Solidarity and Welcoming Guests Back to Vacation Rentals
A collaboration in the vacation rental industry spreading solidarity and welcoming guests back to vacation rentals
[Airbnb] Enhanced Cleaning Initiative for the Future of Travel
Airbnb will develop a Cleaning Protocol for hosts, with guidance from the former US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and in partnership with leading experts in hospitality and medical hygiene.
Impact of COVID-19 on Airbnb Hosts and Vacation Rental Listings
With the help of Alltherooms Analytics, we've analyzed the impact on COVID-19 on Airbnb listings. Spoiler alert: we expect to continue to see short-term rental bookings rebound.
[Vrbo] Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines
Guidelines for owners and property managers for enhanced cleaning and disinfection of vacation rentals.
COVID-19 Cleaning & Sanitation Guide
We’ve created a bundle of resources that can help you create these resources. You’ll find a cleaning checklist, cleaning protocol printable template and cleaning protocol template to use on your online platforms.
[Airbnb] Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Hosting Business
Hosts impacted by the coronavirus can benefit from new Airbnb travel trends with these listing tips to attract guests who want local and longer stays.
[Vrmb] Podcasts About the Impact on the Vacation Rental Industry
This diverse collection of podcasts provides multiple perspectives (beyond just the vacation rental industry) about how COVID-19 will affect things.
[Point Central] Social Distancing With Smart Tech
Smart Home tech can help you reduce coronavirus transmission and support social distancing efforts through various means such as incorporating remote entry or talking to delivery people through doorbell/intercom, etc., all enabling residents/guests/staff to be safer.
5 Things to Consider When Hosting Guests Post-COVID-19 Era
Many countries are slowly opening up and ending their lockdowns. Are you ready for the post-COVID-19 Era?
[Breezeway] Instilling Guest Confidence During COVID-19
We hope these guest communication examples can help lighten your operational burden during this challenging time.
Adapting Your Short-Term Rental Business to the COVID-19 Era
We organized a virtual event to discuss how to minimize the impact and adapt your short-term rental business to this new economy. Find out more here!
What Should I Do to Sanitize and Protect My Vacation Rental?
As a vacation rental owner and property manager, it's important to sanitize and disinfect your vacation rental. Find out how here.
[VRMB] The Reset
A free hub of best practices for vacation rental owners and managers. To endure the COVID19 crisis and emerge stronger.
Cancellations Policies on the Top Listing Sites
Find out how to manage cancellations from direct bookings, Airbnb and other listing sites to accommodate the disruptions in travel caused by the novel coronavirus.
[Skift] Live Updates of Coronavirus in the Travel Industry
Follow the latest news about coronavirus and its impact on hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tourism destinations, and other sectors of the travel industry.
[Transparent] Free Vacation Rental Market Impact Report
Short term rental data benchmarking for +25 million listings worldwide. Make smarter revenue, distribution and investment decisions.
How to Increase Vacation Rental Bookings Despite the Outbreak
As a vacation rental owner, you can protect your business to maintain bookings despite the outbreak. Find out how here.
[PriceLabs] Booking Trends during COVID-19
In this webinar, the PriceLabs team shares new resources for tracking booking trends in your area, goes over pricing strategies meant to generate bookings while demand is low, and answers questions regarding revenue management during these difficult times.
[CNN]: Latest News on the COVID-19 Global Pandemic
Find CNN's latest coverage of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) here.
[PriceLabs] Optimizing Pricing Strategies For Mid-Term Stays
How to optimize your portfolio for mid-term stays, and sharing tips for incorporating short term inquiries into your mid-term strategy to maximize occupancy between guests.
[Vacation Rental Success Podcast] Projects to Help You Reboot Your Short Term Rental Business
It’s difficult to know how to get the marketing balance right in these times. Should you be talking about vacations when your guests are wondering when they will get a full pay cheque again? Is it right to email them at all?
20 Short Term Rental Courses to Gain Expertise During Lockdown
Make the best use of your quaran-time and take up a short term rental course to improve your skills and boost your vacation rental business.
Why Vacation Rentals Should Partner with Local Businesses
There are many benefits when you partner with local businesses as a vacation rental company. Let’s find out what they are!
6 Guest Types to Target During the Coronavirus Crisis
As this unparalleled pandemic grows, more vacation rental owners and managers are thinking of creative ways to stay afloat and targeting new guest types.
$250M from Airbnb to support vacation rental hosts impacted by cancellations
Airbnb is offering $250m to support hosts that have suffered cancellations due to COVID-19, as well as three other initiatives.
[TripAdvisor] Tips for Vacation Rental Owners
TripAdvisor Rentals has released a page with tips and recommendations for vacation rental owners that use their channel.
How to Build a Brand for Your Vacation Rental Business in 2020
The importance of having a vacation rental brand is too often overlooked. We unveil our top five reasons why it's essential for all owners to have a clear brand for their business.
How to Market Your Vacation Rental to Domestic Travelers
Not sure how to target domestic travelers? Get full occupancy in your vacation rental with domestic renters when you follow these top nine tips!
How To Manage Discounts In Your Vacation Rental Business
More and more travelers are looking for a good deal these days. Find out how to manage and offer promotions in your vacation rental business.
Channel Manager: What Is It and Why Do You Need One?
Synchronize availability calendars and rates with a vacation rental channel manager. Simplify the management of your business, save time and reduce errors.
Accepting Direct Bookings for Your Vacation Rental: Why and How
OTAs are effective to get your rental in front of travelers. But, aiming to receive a large portion of direct bookings is both advantageous and achievable.
Conducting a Vacation Rental Analysis [+SWOT Template]
Conduct a vacation rental analysis and evaluate your business with these 10 questions. Analyze your strengths, weaknesses and find out how you can improve.

The Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning & Sanitation

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